Tiling is a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to keep your

           floors looking great.





                                     A type of limestone originating from hot springs and 

                                     caves.It will give you an ancient Roman/ Italian feel 

                                     and is naturally slip resistant.

                                     It is an excellent choice for bathrooms, pool decks

                                     and walkways where water is always a factor.






                                     Ceramic tiles come as porcelain or non-porcelain and

                                     consists of clay.

                                     Porcelain ceramics is a harder tile and considered more

                                     durable and therefore recommended for heavy usage.

                                     Non-Porcelain ceramic also has its advantages which

                                     is the fact that they are about 60% cheaper in price and

                                     a good budget saver on large areas where tiling is




                                    Marble is a natural stone which comes in tile form as

                                    polished, honed, brushed or tumbled.

                                    This is a natural choice for homes as it offers high

                                    aesthetic value and elegance.

                                    They are a fair bit pricey and prone to stains and

                                    therefore not recommended for exterior or 

                                    landscaping use.



                                    A very dense rock that has a high resistance to scratches

                                    and due to its speckled minerals no two floors will be


                                    This is an ideal choice for kitchens and high traffic areas.







                                    Quartzite is a durable non-slip and attractive stone wich 

                                    comes highly recommended for kitchens, pools and pathways.

                                    It has a similar look to marble.









                                    Sandstone has a wonderfully earthy appeal and comes

                                    in a range of colors and styles.

                                    It's ideal for pool surroundings, walkways and patios.

                                    Sandstone gives your outdoors a rich, natural feel.






                                    Terrazzo is a composite material consisting of marble,

                                    quartz, granite and glass.

                                    These are very long lasting tiles, but also very slippery.

                                    They are not really recommended for the average

                                    family home.






                                    Slate is a metamorphic rock easily found all over the world.

                                    It is naturally slip resistant and thus great for kitchens,

                                    bathrooms and even around pools.

                                    It works great in rooms with underfloor heating and


                                    The downside though is that it requires regular

                                    mopping in busy areas.




                                    Faux Wood


                                    These are tiles that offer the great look of wood with

                                    the durability of tiles.

                                    they are water resistant and eliminates the risk of


                                    It requires very little maintenance and there is endless

                                    design possibilities.